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 An open letter to our students from Kim and Eagan

Dear Studio 108 Yogis,

We’d like to share with everyone some exciting news on upcoming positive changes at your studio.

In the spirit of our love for yoga and our unyielding wish to continue to bring all of the same high-quality classes and much-loved instructors to everyone, at the same beautiful location, we have made the decision to merge together with Karmany Yoga Coppell. 

In looking back to five years ago this month when Eagan and I decided to pursue our dream of opening our own yoga studio and creating community, I am reminded of our motivation: the simple fact that the practice of yoga changed both of our lives for the better in unlimited ways, and we wanted to share that with others, hoping that many, like us, would experience the physical and mental benefits yoga can bring.  We believe that if everyone practiced yoga, the world would be a more loving place; and from this belief, our idea of reaching out to Karmany Yoga was set in motion.  Karmany’s philosophy is aligned with our own: that affordable yoga, taught by experienced instructors, should be available to everyone who wishes to practice.

Karmany has for the past seven years offered yoga at its two studios in Dallas and Fort Worth and has successfully implemented the same philosophy that mirrors our own vision:  that an altruistic ripple effect, once set in motion, would radiate outwards and benefit all.  It is in this spirit that we know that this transformation will be beneficial to everyone; most importantly, to you, our wonderful students!

On a personal note:  This shift allows me (Kim) to focus all of my energies on teaching my classes by reducing the time spent on studio ownership and management. While I have enjoyed running the studio along with Eagan, I feel I’m at my best when I’m giving all that I can to my students, doing what I love most, teaching yoga!  Also, we have appreciated the outpouring of support from those of you who have reached out to us after Eagan’s job loss last November. This journey the two of us have made has been possible, fun and worthwhile because of your traveling this road alongside us.   For this, we sincerely thank you and want to let you know that your continued support of the studio is one of the greatest gifts you can give, so that what we have started continues to grow, evolve and become even more of the beautiful thing it was intended to be.

We welcome with open hearts the Karmany team; they are excited to get to know our wonderful yoga community. You will still see Eagan subbing classes and practicing beside you on the mat.

It’s our wish to assure you that our class schedule and teachers will remain the same.  Changes that you will see over the next few months will be the addition of new classes and more yoga-inspired workshops and events.  We want to hear your requests and feedback! On the back of this sheet is a brief survey that will help us bring you a convenient and fun offering of classes.  Please drop it off at the desk at your convenience.  And rest assured that any memberships purchased previusly will be honored through their expiration date.Feel free to learn more about Karmany Yoga on their website www.karmanyyoga.com  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out via email at info@karmanyyoga.com or by calling 214.564.7772.   

Much soul-searching was done over the past few months to reach our decision to bring Karmany on board, and we know that this is the best possible outcome for us, and more importantly, for the teachers, the students and the surrounding community.

Thank you and much love for everything you have given,

Kim and Eagan



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Warm, friendly atmosphere.  No "hot" yoga.  Experienced, certified instructors will take time & answer any questions you may have.  Beginners always welcome.

We have a wide variety of yoga styles and classes to suit any experience and fitness level.

For class schedule please visit www.karmanyyoga.com.   


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Experience the stress-relieving effects of yoga. 

Yoga is NOT about the poses.  Yoga is about learning to breathe in the poses.  When we learn to breathe fully in the poses, we learn how to calm our minds and take that practice off of our mat & into our lives. 

In addition to the positive effects of a stronger, more flexible & leaner body, Yoga is a method of finding equanimity & improving the immune system.  Stress takes its toll.  Yoga can help. 

For more on the health benefits of Yoga click here

Our yoga studio is conveniently located near these areas in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas metroplex:  Coppell, Dallas, Lewisville, Irving, Flower Mound, Carrollton, Farmers Branch and Grapvine areas.


255 S. Denton Tap Rd.

Coppell, TX 75019

phone:  214-564-7772 








For Class Schedule and Class Descriptions Please Visit  www.karmanyyoga.com





Studio 108 Yoga, 2011